Anti Ragging Cell

Anti Ragging Cell

Office Order

Ragging is strictly banned in Green Hills group of institutions, in this matter we are known for having Zero tolerance, according to the ruling of hon'ble Supreme Court of India, in case the applicant for the admission is found to have indulged in ragging in the past or if it is noticed later that he has indulged in ragging, admission may be refused or he/she shall be expelled from the institute immediately.

In continuation to office order No. GHP/Office/Notice/Circular/so14/-1/621-A the following anti-ragging committee's are hereby constituted to keep close vigil/watch on the activities of bad elements/miscreants, which leads to ragging incidents in and outside the college campus. Therefore all members are directed to make necessary liaison with the convener in order to curb and prevent the ragging incidents etc.

Central Committee
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Mr. Som Nath Thakur HOD (AS) Convener 9817166697

All Polytechnic Campus

2. Mr. Narinder Singh HOD AE/ME Member 8894299123
3. Ms. Ritika Sharma  HOD CE/IT Member 9857561029
4. Mr. Anchal Awasthi Lect.EE Member 9805154029
5. Mr. Ashutsh Sharma HOD AE/ME Member 9805326046  
Committee No. 1
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Mr. Ashutsh Sharma HOD AE/ME Convener 9805326046

Inside & Near by Area from Polytechnic to Himgiri Boys Hostel

2. Mr. Lal Chand Lect. EE Member 9816303893
3. Mr. Kamal Kumar Lect. ME/AE Member 9882854929
4. Mr. Vikrant Jharta  Lect. Civil Member 9805460014
5. Mr. Narender Thakur W/I Member 9882525143
6. Mr. Amit Chauhan Lect. ME/AE Member 9418818554
Committee No. 2
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Mr. Som Nath Thakur HOD (AS) Convener 9817166697

All Campus Area of Polytechnic
Including all Departments & 
Floor of Polytechnic Building

2. Ms. Malvika Sood Lect. Math's Member 96252203195
3. Mr. Om Prakash Lect. ME/AE Member 8988243400
4. Ms. Ritika Sharma  Lect. CE/IT Member 9857561029
5. Mr. Narender Thakur W/I Member 9882525143
   Mr. Vikrant Jharta   Lect. Civil  Member  9805460014
Committee No. 3
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Ms. Narinder Singh HOD AE/ME Convener 8894299123

Road Leading from main gate of
Polytechnic up to Green Hills
Engineering College Adm.Block.
Guest  House & P.G College Area

2. Mr. Megh Ram Mokta Lect. ECE Member 9459973446
3. Mr. Sudesh Kumar Lect. Civil Member 7318014147
4. Ms. Sita Devi Lect. EE Member 8278798023
5. Mr. Ravi Kant Bhagta Lect. Civil Member 8894037311
Committee No. 4
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Ms. Ritika Sharma HOD CE/IT Convener 9857561029

Inside and outside Girls Hostel poltecnical


2. Ms. Anchal Awasthi Lect. EE Member 98051540209
3. Ms. Rekha Kumari Lect. Chem Member 9817316342
Committee No. 5
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Mr.Amit Chauhan Lect. ME/AE Convener 8219584681

Polytechnic Campus to
basketball playground, gym, surrounding
generator room area and up to ATM, book
shop and Canteen GHP

Library and Adm Block

2. Mr. Chiraag Deen Sheikh W/I Member 9218798477
3. Mr. Sita Ram W/I Member 8219796720
4. Mr. Mahesh chander W/I Member 9805606985
5. Mr. Narender Thakur W/I Member 9882525143
Committee No.6
Sr.NoNameDesignation/DepartmentContact No.Area
1. Mr. Shiv Kumar Librarian Convener 9418138403
2. Ms. Kiran Bala O/Clerk Member 9816158921

Women Grievance Redressal Cell


  •   All anti-ragging committee’s are responsible to inform the incident of ragging if any, to the central committee & central committee is responsible to enquire and decide the ragging case & will recommended their action to the principal.
  •   All the security peoples will be responsible for all places, in and outside the campus, to inform incident of ragging if any, to the central committee.
  •   Also all the staff members of Green Hills Polytechnic are accountable to inform the undersigned if any, student found in doing bad elements, miscreants, leading to ragging incidents.
  •   Failure on the part of Central Committee, Committee Convener and Committee Members, a strict action will be-taken against the defaulters.
  •   If any student gave false information of ragging to the undersigned he/she will be expelled from the college.


  •   1. Central Committee
  •   2. All the Convener’s
  •   3. All the Committee Members
Green Hills Polytechnic
Sr.NoDateActivitity DescriptionFile Record
1. 1/4/2019 09 students appeared  for a Interview  at Eicher (Tractors & Farm Equipment) Pvt. Ltd
06 students were placed and the selested join the company after the complition of final examinations.
2. 3/4/2019 One Day Seminar on enterpreneurship Skills under TEQIP-III- 2K19 was presented by Mr. H.S.
Cheema Manageing Director, Chema Bioler Ltd, Mohali Our Mechanical & Automobile ngg,
Students were participated in this seminar
3. 4/4/2019  One day Seminar on role of engineers in Ensuring Planned Development & disaster mitigation
was presented by Sh. Sandeep Verma
Lect Sudesh kumar
4. 4/4/2019 One day Seminar on System Development Life Cycle(SDLC) & how to develop Software was
presented by Hilt Web solutions our Computer science students were participated in this seminar
Lect Ritika Sharma
5. 11/4/2019 &
Annual Sports Meet was held in GHP campus Most of the stdenrts were participaed in folling events i.e
Bedminton,Vollyball, Chess,Carrom & Table Tennis
6. 23/4/2019 one day Industrial wasVisit held  at Power House & Barrage site of sawara- Kuddu HEP HPPCL
Hatkoti,Shimla and Our 2nd & final years students participated in this Industrial Tour.
Lect Ashutosh Sharma
7. 26/4/2019 Campus Placement drive by  Hollster Medical India Pvt. Ltd, Bawal , Haryana was held in Green Hills
Polytechnic   The students of final year participated in the drive ,out of 35 studenst 16 students were placed.
8. 27/4/2019 The depaertment of CSE has organized a one day recreational tour at Renuka Ji. Distt Sirmour Lect Ritika Sharma